Camp Dates: August 12-14, 2011
Campground: Pogie Point
Cost(s): $16/night per campground
Where’s it at? Mendocino National Forest near Lake Mendocino

A good friend’s 40th birthday brought a number of people together for a camping trip at Lake Pillsbury’s Pogie Point Campground this summer, I was one of them. This is a really nice campground and is less crowded than the other campgrounds in the area. On this trip we practically had the whole campground to ourselves, with maybe 3 other campsites taken. All said and done our group took up four of their campsites, the most luxurious being my friend’s site which included a camping stove, camping OVEN, several nice lanterns, a multitude of camping chairs, mostquito-netted eating canopy, and a canopy covering the food preparation picnic table. That’s what I call roughing it!

I’d camped at Lake Pillsbury’s Oak Flat campground before, which is a free campground closer to the lake, but it was no comparison to Pogie Point. We had the site that is probably nearest the lake and it was a mere stroll down a cliff to get to it. I think this year had the lake much fuller than it typically would be…certainly more than the last time I was here.

We had a great time and this was a weekend of the Perseid meteor shower, so we were able to spot several shooting stars each night. Unfortunately there was also a full moon so most of them were unable to be seen, and those that were visible weren’t quite at their full glory. There was also a nice cloud show on Saturday with some spotty cumulus clouds which provided a very nice look reflecting off the placid lake waters at night.

There are a few boat ramps, a resort, supposedly great fishing (I’ve never landed any here though), and some gravelly beaches along the shores of Lake Pillsbury. There is generally plenty of firewood around. In our case the camp host had a bunch that they gave us for free, and we also made a few runs for firewood which you can pretty much always find somewhere nearby with a small drive. There is also an airport here, and at the back of it is a shooting range where you can let off some steam.

One of the highlights of this trip was the numerous Elk that you could hear at night. I don’t know if they were mating calls or just location calls, but you’d hear one Elk’s cry followed by another one off in the distance. A few times they sounded really close. I didn’t personally see any of them on this trip, however the previous time I visited with my friend we had a whole herd of them cross the road right in front of us near the airport, which was pretty cool.

The road in is a little bit questionable although I took my Mitsubishi through with nothing more than a sever coat of dust harming it, but it’s a little bit of a drive out of the way to get here. Definitely make sure you have enough gas for about an hour of driving before you pull off the freeways. There’s a small store that you can get gas at but it’s fairly expensive. The store also carries the general camping supplies and has a bar, if I’m not mistaken.

This is a pretty nice place to camp. it’s usually not crowded and offers a number of daytime activities, with nice campgrounds.

Photos from Camping at Pogie Point in Mendocino (click to enlarge)

Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino
Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino Camping at Pogie Point Campground in Mendocino

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