Snowshoe Date: February 4, 2012
Distance: ~ 2 miles
Trail(s): Spooner Lake Trail
Where’s it at? Spooner Lake in Nevada east of So. Lake Tahoe

While up in Tahoe for Super Bowl weekend in 2012, a friend and I decided to get some exercise and packed up the car for Cross Country skiing at Spooner Lake in Nevada. Spooner lake is located about half a mile north on Hwy 28 from the Highway 50/28 junction after the state line in Nevada.

I’ve hiked here before, both around the lake trail and also up to Spooner Summit. The area is gorgeous and has a lot more trails yet to explore. I’d personally never cross country skied before but was up for trying it. When we arrived at the place to rent them, Spooner Lake Outdoor Company, they recommended that we don’t do the Spooner Lake Trail at all if cross country skiing, you could only get halfway around the lake they said, and the lake is already only a 2 mile loop. So we decided to snowshoe instead.

They rent snowshoes here at Spooner Lake, I think we paid $20 for one pair which also included boots, and if we wanted, poles. My friend rented all 3 for $20. I already own a pair of snowshoes and had them there, but wasn’t originally planning to snowshoe when we left the cabin, so I had to rent boots since I’d left mine at the cabin. As a very nice gesture they gave me a pair of boots to use all day for no charge since I wasn’t renting any other gear…pretty cool of them. Our trek started right from the rental place.

Spooner Lake is quite a bit more attractive in the summer months. I hadn’t been up here for Winter and figure I probably disappointed my friend with what I’d claimed was pretty scenic. I really wasn’t expecting the lake to be completely frozen but I guess it makes perfect sense since it isn’t a very deep lake in the first place, and it was early February in the high country. If I was asked to make a recommendation on snowshoeing in the winer around here, I’d suggest going up the Spooner Summit trail instead, or take one of the other trails intersecting in the area such as Marlette.

We did have a good time on this easy two mile hike. Snowshoeing is always a blast and we just about had the lake to ourselves. We did see two other groups, both opting to do the half-lake cross country skiing instead. The lake was frozen solid which made it possible to walk on the ice in a few areas. I wouldn’t have suspected that’s what we were doing had I not been on this trail before, but I’m sure we were walking on the frozen lake in a few spots. Below are some pictures of our trip snowshoeing at Spooner Lake in February 2012.

Photos from Snowshoeing Spooner Lake (click to enlarge)

Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada
Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada Snowshoeing Spooner Lake in Nevada

Directions to Spooner Lake Snowshoeing

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Weather at Glenbrook, NV

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